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A Year Round Relationship

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There are many times when relationships are lucky to last more than one date, and there are always those that last only as long as a vacation. For seasonal daters, their relationship with the other person is dependent upon a specific location. In many resort areas, tourists date the locals as an enjoyable interlude away from their normal life. Once they are back home, they cherish the wonderful memories as they move on to finding a real relationship with someone from their area. This is where they are more likely to find a year-round relationship.

While electronic communications have made it easier to talk to someone on the other side of the globe, being in the same physical area as a partner is still important. There is nothing better than a comforting hug, and it is difficult to replace it with the cool precision of an electronically enhanced picture or voice of a loved one. This is the reason many long distance relationships do not survive.

The happiness of a short term vacation romance is real, but the lack of intimacy and physical nearness after the vacation can seldom be replaced. Happiness can turn into frustration if a couple tries to live apart while maintaining their romance, so it is often best to stop it when the vacation ends. Being together only a week or two a year is not easy, so forming a permanent relationship by moving or selecting someone local is much more stable.

There have been vacation romances that have turned into year-round relationships, but they are usually dependent on one of the partners giving up their own lifestyle. It shows a great deal of commitment on the part of that person to leave their home and family, but it also gives their partner a chance to be in a relationship with a person who knows and understands how important being together can be for both of them.