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There are some families with a love to travel to many different places far from home, but others prefer to revisit the same vacation spot they have favoured for years. They may see it as a way to provide continuity to their family, or they could simply prefer their chosen spot. For those who choose the same vacation spot every year, their children could develop a long relationship with a local person in the area. It could lead them to a lifetime of happiness.

Getting to know another person does take time, and the process can be helped or hindered by circumstances. For those who meet during vacations, longevity of their time together is not usually an issue. A youngster returning yearly to the same vacation spot could have a very different experience. They may meet locals when they first begin visiting, and those relationships could deepen as they return each year.

Few parents are completely prepared when their children begin their own romantic relationships, and those who discover their child has one with someone from their favourite vacation spot could be shocked. They might have known the two played together as children, but easing up on constantly watching their child as they grant them freedom with age could complicate matters. It could be a devastation, or it might be a blessing if the two are prepared to develop their relationship slowly.

Maturity comes at any age, and a relationship can begin almost at birth. For those who visit only a few weeks every year, the continuity of meeting the same people every year could still lead them down the road to a very long and happy relationship. While their family may need some time to make the adjustment, knowing their own family member has found love and happiness should help them discover this type of long relationship can be a successful one.